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My First Wood Layered Project | Free Laser Cut Projects by LaserFileFinder

Updated: Jun 29

How to create your first layered project with your laser engraver.

Halloween Themed Activity Paint Set

Laser Cutting Layered Designs

In this blog we're going to list out all the materials, designs, and settings used to create these layered Dragonball Z Characters (Goku & Vegeta).

Materials List:

DIY Instructions:

  1. Process Job - Settings for xTool D1 Pro 20W using XCS.

    1. Material: 3mm Basswood Plywood A4

    2. Cut: Power(%) 100 | Speed(mm/s) 7 | Pass: 1

  2. Order layers and pick out colors according to desired look.

Dragonball Z Goku and Vegeta layered design

3. Gluing Notes:

  1. Use a toothpick, or something small and pointy to apply the glue. Too much glue will cause overbleed and glue clumps.

  2. Apply the glue as if you were "tattooing" it onto the wood, so it doesn't glob in one section. Over blots can be spread across the wood to reduce the thickness of the application.

  3. Glue the underside of the layer that will stack on top of the bottom later, not the topside of the bottom layer. Example: Layer 1 receives no glue. Layer 2 receives glue, and then is pressed onto layer 1.

  4. Excess glue that "bleeds out" can be smoothed out by the toothpick so it does not dry as a clump. The glue linked above dries clear, so the toothpick can smooth out the excess into a very thin coat that will dry and be almost invisible.

  5. Once all layers are glued, place a light book on top to keep the layers pressed and flat for 20 minutes.


  1. A 12"x12" sheet can accommodate one Dragonball Z character if size is kept roughtly around 4-5" in height.

  2. Use Air Assist on maximum air flow for cleaner cuts.


Patience, delicacy, and correct tools goes a long way into making the layered designs clean.

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