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Halloween Themed Activity Paint Set | Free Laser Cut Projects by LaserFileFinder

Updated: Jun 29

How to create a Halloween themed activity paint set with your laser engraver.

Halloween Themed Activity Paint Set

Halloween Themed Activity Paint Set

As the moon rises and the streets come alive with little goblins and witches, there's a way to make your Halloween unforgettable and utterly unique. These Halloween Themed Activity Paint Sets have been huge hits for Trick-or-Treaters, school activities, fundraisers, and Halloween parties.

In this blog we're going to list out all the materials used to create these Halloween Themed Activity Paint Sets, so whether you're missing an item on a list or looking to compare against what you already have, we've included the product links to best help achieve the closest outcome.

Materials List:

  1. xTool D1 Pro 20W Laser Engraver

  2. Graphic Design Bundle (Download here)

    1. Looking for a different design? Search thousands of free laser cut templates here!

  3. 3mm Basswood Plywood - 12" x 12"

  4. Acrylic Paint Kits for Kids

  5. Self Sealing Bags - 6x9 Inches

Bonus: Create your own custom labels with Thermal Printing!

DIY Instructions:

  1. Download the Halloween Paint Set artwork bundle.

  2. Process Job - Settings for xTool D1 Pro 20W.

    1. Material: 3mm Basswood Plywood A4

    2. Cut: Power(%) 100 | Speed(mm/s) 7 | Pass: 2

    3. Score: Power(%) 60 | Speed(mm/s) 30 | Pass 1

  3. Design label sticker to reflect occasion & print.

  4. Insert the cutouts and paint kit in the bag, seal, and place the sticker on the outside.


  1. A 12"x12" sheet can accommodate 3 sets if the Height and Width are both 3.9" or less.

  2. Use Air Assist on maximum air flow for cleaner cuts.


Armed with the right tools and a sprinkle of creativity, you're now prepared to craft Halloween memories that will linger long after the ghosts and goblins have retreated. Happy crafting and a spooktacular Halloween to you and yours!

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