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What will you build next?

Search thousands of free laser cut files and start your next project today!

30+ Websites. Free Laser Files. One Search Bar!

LaserFileFinder brings together free laser files from all over the internet straight to you. Search thousands of free laser cut files, templates, and designs and get started on your next project today! Additionally, our growing local library of free laser files, projects, and tools help provide the creative communities with free resources to get started quickly, effecciently, and free! 


We all know that things cost money and nothing good is ever free. Keeping both free and avaialble is no exception. However, supporting us can also be free and easy.

You'll notice some ads scattered around our website (I know, I know). These ads help pay the costs associated with maintainance and upkeep. A minute and few clicks of your time spent engaging with some of our ads help us bridge that gap. No purchase is necessary (unless of course, you want to), and even clicking/closing an ad because it "wasn't a fit" helps us as well. Give it a try!

We initially didn't have a donate option, but similar to how LaserFileFinder was founded, we received waves of encouragement to leave it in the hands of our creative communities to support platforms that help support them. That said, we're humbled by the feedback and extremely appreciative of those who donate to our mission.

Supporting us is FREE & EASY!

Click here to search only within local design library. 

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